The Klaus Story

Klaus Brewing Company was founded by a local group of family and friends led by passionate brewer Thomas Lemke. Focused on bringing the under-served German-style beers to a wide range of consumers, from beer aficionados to new converts alike. We chose the name Klaus because we wanted a strong traditional German name. The name's meaning is "The People’s Victory". We feel being able to offer people the ability to experience great locally crafted beer in a welcoming environment is truly a victory for everyone.

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About Our Craft Bier...

Germany Beer Series $6-Pint

Edelweizen – Helles Weissbier/Hefeweizen

This Helles (Pale) Weissbier, or Hefeweizen,is a Bavarian classic. This wheat ale style incorporates German noble (Edel) hops and specialized yeast, which gives it its signature banana and clove flavors. This complex, yet delicate and refreshing, beer can be enjoyed anytime. 5% ABV 15 IBU

One Helles of a Lager – Munich Helles

This Munich style Helles (Bright) Lager is the quintessential beer garden quaff. This slightly malt forward pale session lager is crisp and dry with restrained noble hop bitterness and a delicate aroma. 5% ABV 21 IBU

Kaiser Kölsch – Kölsch

The blonde, slightly less hoppy cousin of the copper colored Altbier. This German blonde ale style originates from the city of Cologne and is Germany’s youngest beer style. This example uses a special Cologne malt along with German noble hops to finish with a slight floral/spice finish. 5% ABV 22 IBU

Dunkel Breakin' My Heart – Dunkel

Complex yet still session-able, this beer has subtle chocolate overtones supported by a rich noble hops to balance the maltiness of this beer with moderately low bitterness & a touch of spiciness. 5% ABV 25 IBU

Wanderlust – Altbier, Düsseldorfer style

Altbier is an example of a true German ale session beer. This copper colored example offers well-balanced bittersweet drinkability that utilizes classic noble hop notes and a nutty malt aroma and finish. 5% ABV 28 IBU

Dirndl Dropper (Availabl Early December) – Märzen/Oktoberfestbier

A Classic Bavarian Lager recognized across the world for its namesake -- Oktoberfest! This signature style is a rich complex malt forward brew that is moderately strong and mildly hopped with German noble varieties. This elegant brew finishes long yet is surprisingly drinkable! 6% ABV 25 IBU

Pilsnerfest – German Pilsner

Notes of Hay, wild flowers, & tangerine with a lightly sweet & grainy malt profile. It finishes crisp & dry with a long hop-forward balance. Brewed with a heritage barley from Germany & a modern German-grown hop called Saphir which together make this beer both historic & modern. 6% ABV 33 IBU

Ein Kleiner – Leichtbier

Malt Forward & has a balanced spice from noble hops. 4% ABV 22 IBU

Tour of Europe Series $7- Pint

India Pale Lager No.1 (Available Early December) – IPL

Think IPA, but in a lager form. This bier is heavily hopped with German grown Ariana & Hallertau Blanc hops. Fermentation with a clean lager yeast yellow, allow notes of tropical fruits and berries to shine brilliantly above a light & crisp malt backbone. 7% ABV 55 IBU

Special Release Biers $8-Snifter Pour

Doppelsticke – Dark Double Altbier

This bier is an imperialized take on a classic altbier. Pubs in dusseldorf, where altbier gained its popularity, often had a secret or "Sticke" altbier that was darker and stronger than the normal offering. This bier has intense notes of of chocolate & sweet dough on the nose and followed by a medium-full mouth feel with tasting notes of chocolate babka, vanilla, & a light touch of coffee-roast. It has a long lasting, bittersweet, and "fudgy" finish. 8% ABV 60 IBU

Pilot Batch Series $6 - Snifter Pour (Currently No Offering)