Frequently Asked Questions



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Let Us Answer Your Questions!

1. Do you serve food there?         Yes! We have a variety of amazing Food Trucks in rotations. Check out our Food Truck Schedule! 

2. Do you allow under 21 year olds?     Yes. We are a family friendly brewery. We do ID for alcohol sales, but we do sell soda for minors. Minors must be accompanied by an adult when visiting.

3. Do you sell anything other than Bier?     Yes! We do offer White & Red wines, soda, and water for those who do not want to partake in the bier drinking.

4. Do you allow dogs and other pets?     We have a Biergarten that includes a patio for pets. All pets MUST be leashed and not free roaming. Please pick up after your pet. Thank you!

5. Do you allow us to bring in our own food?    Unfortunately, no. We only allow for customers to bring in their own food is when we have no Food Truck, you are hosting a private event, or if you have specific written permission from the taproom manager. 

6. How many people can your taproom host?      Inside the taproom, 120 people. That is NOT including our Biergarten.

7. I have a large group coming in, do I need to reserve a few tables?    Our seating is based on a 1st come, 1st serve basis. If you would like to reserve tables, you must pre-purchase Bier Tokens ( + tax & 20% gratuity) with the Taproom Manager. If you have more than 60 people, we recommend you hosting a private party! 

8. Do you offer any special discounts, memberships, promotions, or coupons?   We do not offer any memberships. We do offer coupons on Groupon every once in awhile. You can always check our facebook for promotions. 

9. What kind of events do you host at your brewery for the public to attend?    Klaus Brewing Co. loves hosting a variety of events for our public guests! We host trivia nights, comedy shows, live music concerts, game nights, etc. Our Facebook promotes all of our upcoming events! 

10. Are your beers sold in any stores or bars?   We are sold at a variety of bars & restaurants. We do have a few stores that carry our to-go cans. You can always come by and purchase our kegs, or 22oz. Togo Bottles though!

11. How do we purchase bier at your brewery?     When you arrive at our brewery, you can purchase biers several ways. You can purchase "By the Pint", which is $6/pint (T.o.E Biers & Special Release Biers excluded) . You can purchase tokens that will end up saving you some money. We sell tokens in increments of 3 or 4. A token can be traded in for a pint of a core bier. (ToE & SR Biers & Wine Excluded). Tour of Europe Biers, Special Release Biers and wine can be purchased at their individual prices separately. 

12. How often do you release new biers?    Our brew-masters release new biers ever so often! They like listening to our customers and seeing what they want. We always announce the new biers on our Facebook and Instagram!

13. Do you offer any games, or can we bring our own?     We have a few games that we offer to our guests, but customers are always welcome to bring their own games to play! ( We just ask not to have any games that require too much physical activity in consideration for our other customers. ie. twister,charades,etc).

14. Do you host brewery tours?    If our brew masters are in, they will usually be able to answer some questions about the brewery and show customers around. If you would like to schedule a large group tour and tasting, please contact our taproom manager.

15. Do you sell Gift cards & Other merch?     Yes! We sell gift cards, as well as shirts, glassware, & caps.

16. Do you have TVs that feature sports games, and or shows?     Yes! Inside our Taproom, we have 4 TVs that will feature sports games and movies. If you have a request, ask the taproom manager & we will always try to stream it if we can.

17. Are you hiring brewers, biertenders, bar-backs, or any other staff position?    We like to be on the lookout for new additions to our team! You can always speak to our taproom manager or brew masters for more information on how to apply.